Choose one of the following options in the file download dialog box:


Follow the on-screen installation instructions.

Double click on the desktop symbol.

Choose Login in order to access

This takes you to the following screen, which offers you various options.

You can choose between “Enter as guest” or “Open new account”. If you already have an account you can avail yourself of  direct entry or else, if you have forgotten your password choose “Get password hint” and it will be mailed to you.

1. Open new account:
Should you be wanting to play online for the first time, you would do best to choose this option, since having your own account will mean that all possible options are open to you. You can open a new account which allows you to play with it immediately. If you have chosen this, then you will see the following screen in which you are asked for some pieces of information.

Unique nickname: This can be a nickname, your own name or something else which will identify you on screen later. The same name cannot be used twice and the use of many names such as Kasparov is not allowed.

E-Mail: It makes sense to enter your e-mail address, since you will be able to receive both news and also a reminder of your password if you forget it. There will be more details on this under the heading “Send password reminder”.

Geographical data: Here you can choose the location from which you playing at that moment, which is usually your home town.  This is very useful for our “Globe function”, which will be explained below. The columns for "Nation" and “Geographical position” are automatically filled in based on your choice of location.

Rating and title data: These headings are self-explanatory. If you are an IM or even a GM, you can be awarded the rank of queen or even king by agreement with ChessBase. You can find out more about these ranks online.

Exchange photo: You can upload a small photograph of yourself to allow your opponent to see whom he or she is playing against. If you would like to do this, then Windows Explorer opens and you must choose a photo in  *.bmp format and which is smaller than 100kb, or else too much memory on the server would be used up accommodating all the pictures.

Personal information: Here you can add a short supplementary text about yourself, for example the name of your club, your rating or your favourite opening.
At the outset you need only fill in the unique nickname, as all the rest can be added later or even changed at a later date. Confirm you are finished with OK and things move on to the next screen..

Here you need to enter a password consisting of at least six characters and to repeat the same password in the following entry box.  If you have problems remembering your password, simply put it down on a piece of paper as a reminder.
Whenever you have done this and clicked on “OK”, you will receive a short confirmation and you can get started right away. How to start playing games will be described in the following section “Starting to play on the server”.

Enter as guest: You can also log on as a guest, though it means doing without certain options such as entering information about yourself and getting information about your opponent.... However, this can be a useful option if you are at a friend’s house and don’t remember your password or else if you do not play very often. You log on immediately and can start to play games.
Send password reminder: If you have forgotten your password, you can have it sent to you by e-mail. To do so, all you have to do is click on “Send password reminder” and be sure that when you joined you had given your correct e-mail address.
Log in with an existing account:  All you have to do is to enter your unique nickname and password and then you can log in by clicking on “OK”. If you do not have such an account, you must set one up.